1956 MG A Roadster


1956 MGA

Introduced in 1955 to replace the MG TF, whose separate fenders had been current two decades earlier, the MGA was a significant step forward for MG. Retaining the key ingredients of MG’s successes, namely stylish open two-seat bodywork, robust mechanicals, and lively handling, the MGA was quite successful. The separate frame now had the floors below rather than on top of structural members to lower the cars’s profile, while the B-series engine also permitted a much lower car. Selling for under 1000 pounds sterling new, the cars were affordable and sold well on both sides of the Atlantic, continuing MG’s pattern of acting as an ambassador of sports cars, particularly in the United States.

Invoices and certify of authenticity for the ’56. It has new Michelin tires, new brakes including drums, new Stainless Steel exhaust system, new battery and new windshield wipers. New brake drums and shoes and jack and wiper blades. It also comes with the correct wire wheels, top, side curtains, and a British motor Industry Trust Certificate indicating a build date of January 23-24, 1956. According to two people in Ocala who know, it’s a good solid car which needs transmission work and paint. The shifter hops out of 2nd and 3rd gears and the paint is cracked and coming off in a couple places. The Sports car Mag Pocket Price Guide which came out in early ’16 says median sale is $27,500 and high sale is $50,599 over the course of the preceding year.

Testament on the Vehicle VIN: The third and fourth characters of an MGA 1500 chassis number prefix are defined by the colou-raricf specification. The first two characters ‘HD’ define the car as MGA Roadster. The¬∑factory¬∑records show that chassis number 11605 was a Glacier Blue car, with this colour being defined by third char:acter ‘D’as oriTy i.Jsecrforvery early cars, a nd stood for Orient Red, this soon changed and became represented by a ‘K’ from 1956). The first digit of the prefix defines the specification, with ‘4’ being left hand drive North American, while the final digit designates the paint finish with ‘3’ being cellulose or ‘5’ for a CKD car J)aJnt<:!d in primer (there is no ' l' in an MGA chassis number prefix). Having double checked the factory records, Heritage Certificate 2016/2742 is correct for the quoted d chassis Regards Richard Bacchus Certificate Officer British Motor ndustry Heritage Trust Heritage Motor Centre Tel: (01926 645076) Email: richard.bacchus@l britishmotormuseu m.co.uk